quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

O primeiro beijo

*photo by Milica Tepavac
Estavas mesmo ali
Ao alcance do meu abraço
Tão perto e tão longe
Tão cheio de honestidade
O coração palpitante
Um sorriso timido
A troca breve de palavras

Falámos do tempo
Da professora de Matemática
Do colega mais gordo
Da amiga em comum
De ti
De mim...

O coração na boca
As faces rosadas
As palavras que não sairam mais
A mão que tremia
A tua boca na minha
E então falámos de nós...

sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Uma estoria simples...

Once upon a time, there was a blind princess. She woke up every morning at the same time, she brushed her long hair while she was singing the same song, then she chose one of her beautiful dresses, each one so soft and colorful, she really looked like a princess. When she was 11 years old, her mother gave her a puppy, she taught him with care and love, years passed by and 7 years later he was her best friend helping her everytime she decided go out.

One day she asked her mother: “Mum, why can’t I see?” and her mother held her hand and kissed her with affection and while she was looking into her small, bright and empty eyes answered: “My dear dauther, you just have the best things of me and your father, nothing more!”. Unhappy with the answer she grabbed “Open-eyed” (her dog) and went out. Slowly
but decidedly she was walking along the road which took her to the city when a boy bumped into her “Are you blind?” – she said, the boy stopped in front of her staring at her beauty. “Are you deaf too?” “Sorry, let me introduce myself: Gabriel at your service, at least your dog likes me” – he said while “Open-eyed”was smelling his clothes. “Pleased to meet you, I’m Layla and he is Open-eyed, my best-friend.” and she stared at the floor while her cheeks were blushing. “And where are you going on this hot morning?” “I have to meet the Wise Man” “Why?” “I have to know why am I blind.” “But I know that and I’m not even a smart boy...” “ Oh! Then, tell me why?!” “ Sorry you have to find out for yourself but I can join you if you want” “Yes, I will be very pleased”. Layla, Gabriel and Open-eyed carried on with their journey. The more they were talking, the more they knew each other and got closer. Layla thought that he was beautiful in
his simplicity, she couldn’t see but his smile seemed truly gorgeous, his voice was friendly and warm, and every movement was full of affection, when she was thinking about this they arrived at the Wise Man’s house.

She knocked and the Wise Man opened the door “What can I do for you little lady?”- he said. “Can you tell me why am I blind?” “You don’t know? It’s obvious” “Please, tell me Mr. Wise Man!” “ If you weren’t blind you couldn’t be so perfect. You couldn’t have a blind dog and let him guide you all this time, you couldn’t meet that young man and let him join you in your journey and you could never fall in love with the kindness of that man if you saw how ugly he is.”- after that, the wise man closed the door.
“How can you be so bad. Gabriel is my friend and he’s beautiful” – she shouted.
She kissed Gabriel on his burned face, called Open-eyed and returned to the castle.